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Expanding Compassion

The activity’s themes and writing assignments in this module inspire young people to reflect, question identity and actions while opening up channels of understanding and empathy across social and cultural boundaries. The overarching intention is to invite young people to explore what’s relevant in their life circumstance, as well as muster the courage to forge new paths of compassionate understanding for the diverse world in which they live.

The Legend

Learning Outcomes

Which social and emotional competencies are addressed.

Materials Needed

What materials you will need.

Time it Takes

Amount of time to facilitate the activity.


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Dear Planet Earth

An activity to set in motion being a caretaker of the earth and inspiring others to do the same.

Thank you, too!

An activity that acknowledges the reasons why saying thank you is contagious.

The Taste of Open-Mindedness

An eating activity that encourages young people to be curious about the unknown and openminded to new experience.

Affirm Your Stress

An activity helping young people identify with positive affirmations as a way to manage daily challenges.

Heroes in Our Midst

An activity that gets young people to identify their role models and the positive qualities they admire.

Trust Me

A movement activity inviting the participant(s) to experiment with trust and manage uncertainty.

Ten Fingers of Gratitude

A creative activity highlighting the value of gratitude for our well-being, our relationship with others and the environment.

The Real Me Tree

A creative exercise encouraging the participant(s) to reflect on who they are, where they come from and where they’re going.

Express Yourself

An activity using poetry to encourage self-exploration, curiosity and discovery.

One-Minute Pitch

An activity that uses listening, writing, and public speaking to help the participant(s) focus on their unique qualities and articulate their future interests.