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Focusing The Mind

In this learning module, through the practice of five different secular mindfulness practices, young people learn to, train attention and recognize their emotions, thoughts and values and how they influence behaviors. The primary idea behind each practice is to deliberately notice one’s internal and external experience on a moment-to-moment basis. With this quality of attention, young people can better manage emotions, cope with stress, handle challenging situations with discernment and inform their everyday actions with more care, and concern for others.

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Learning Outcomes

Which social and emotional competencies are addressed.

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What materials you will need.

Time it Takes

Amount of time to facilitate the activity.


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Take Five
Breathing Practice

A one-minute breathing activity to reconnect our awareness to the present moment, regain composure and reduce reactivity.

Breathing Practice

A 3-minute breathing practice that anchors awareness to our thoughts, feelings and body sensations in the present moment.

Mindful Listening Practice

A deep listening practice that highlights sounds and distractions that interfere with the listening process.

Mindful Walking Practice

A light physical activity to help us slow down and pay attention to both internal and external experiences.

Body Scan

A mindfulness practice that helps us to tune-in to the physical sensations of the body and simply take note of one’s internal experience.

Mindful Eating Practice

A mindfulness practice that explores a new way of relating to the experience of eating.