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Into The World

In this series of me-to-we activities and writing assignments, young people will explore the ways in which individual and collective action affect the world in which they live. The intention is that each individual recognizes their ability and power to become champions for positive social change and employs the critical thinking and goal setting skills needed to create change. With conversation starters designed to advance active listening, respectful sharing and a mindset for trailblazing, our hope is that a culture of shared inquiry will offer a lived example of meaningful collaborative work and a model for community building.

The Legend

Learning Outcomes

Which social and emotional competencies are addressed.

Materials Needed

What materials you will need.

Time it Takes

Amount of time to facilitate the activity.


Download the activity plan.


Gratitude Everyday

An activity providing the participant(s) the opportunity to express the everyday ‘gifts’ present in their lives that otherwise may go unnoticed.

Take A Stand, Lend A Hand!

An activity that inspires the participant(s) to create an in-service project and be in support of the needs of others.

Friendship Matters

An activity that encourages young people to reflect on the qualities and characteristics of developing meaningful and healthy relationships.

Ambassadors For Change

An activity that addresses the present moment tools that young people need to successfully navigate daily life as ambassadors for a more mindful world.

Ruby Rose and Prickly Thorns

An activity that asks the participant(s) to notice and share their experiences and challenges and hold space for others to do the same.

Nature to Nurture

An outdoor activity exploring natural patterns in nature such as waves and cones and identifying their presence in daily life.

Ally For Social Justice

A reflective activity that asks young people to look within for the change that they want to occur in themselves and in the larger community.

The Kindness Mindset

An activity demonstrating the benefits that kindness has on the well-being of the recipient and the giver.

Beyond Comfort

An activity that invites the participant(s) to step beyond their comfort zone as an essential first step in developing empathy.

We The Trailblazers

A time capsule activity that encourages young people to be ‘trailblazers’ in making the world a better place.