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Into The World


Into The World


Learning Outcomes

Social Awareness

Material Needed

Paper & Pen

Time it Takes

15 minutes


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Did You Know?

People who express gratitude feel more often tend to feel more open, energized and happier.


An activity providing participant(s) the opportunity to reflect upon and express the everyday ‘gifts’ present in their lives that otherwise may go unnoticed.


Gratitude is a positive emotion and can make us feel good. When young people express their experience of gratitude, they develop a deeper awareness of their thoughts and feelings as well as strengthen relationships with others.


  • Distribute the Gratitude Everyday Journal. Ask participant(s) to write down two things or people for which they are grateful for each day of the week. It could be people who have helped you or things or it could be things that turned out bad that you overcame and are thankful for.
  • A brief description about the reasons why should be included by each entry.
  • By day seven, the participant(s) are invited to express their gratitude – in person, by text or by phone – to as many people as possible on their list.
  • Once the activity has concluded, participant(s) share their experience using the suggested conversation starters as a jumping off point.

Conversation Starters

  • What was your take-away from this activity?
  • Name one way in which you can challenge yourself to find or see the good, (big or small) in your life every day.

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