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Finding Your Voice

On Self-Awareness

Finding Your Voice

On Self-Awareness

Learning Outcomes


Material Needed


Time it Takes

10 minutes
per conversation starter


Download the activity plan.

Did You Know?

By cultivating self-awareness, we learn to accept the full spectrum of our emotions, thoughts and experiences as part of who we truly are.


An activity that nurtures self-awareness by encouraging participant(s) to voice their emotions, experiences and insights.


Building self-awareness increases one’s ability to accurately recognize the influence that personal thoughts and emotions have on behavior. As emotional literacy strengthens, participants can more accurately assess their strengths and limitations.


  • Lead five mindful breaths to anchor the participant(s) attention in the present moment.
  • Choose a question from the suggested list of conversation starters to catalyze the discussion.
  • Each conversation starter serves as one 10-minute activity.

Conversation Starters

Try these three questions as a sample of how powerful these conversation starters are in generating a dialogue with the youth you serve. When you purchase the Kit, you’ll receive ten more questions.

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