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Being Human

Self-Discovery On A Single Breath

Being Human

Self-Discovery On A Single Breath

Learning Outcomes


Materials Needed

Projector (optional)

Time it Takes

15 minutes


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Did You Know?

The simple use of the breath brings us back to the present moment, over and over again.


A video that will spark the participant(s) curiosity about their breath and its connection to life.


Free-diving world record holder Erez Beatus acts as example of how one can use mind, body and breath awareness to accomplish feats as extreme as diving to the bottom of the ocean. Beatus’ example allows participants to envision ways in which they might employ these same skills in order to create situations in their own lives that are free of fear, stress and anxiety.


  • Dim the lights and ask the participant(s) to take five mindful breaths.
  • Play the video below.
  • Once the video has concluded, engage the participant(s) in a discussion using the suggested conversation starters as a jumping off point.

Conversation Starters

  • Share a story of a time when you became aware of the experience of breathing.
  • When do you feel at one with yourself?

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