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Being Human

Sometimes You’re a Caterpillar

Being Human

Sometimes You’re a Caterpillar

Learning Outcomes

Relationship skills

Materials Needed

Projector (optional)

Time it Takes

15 minutes


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Did You Know?

In order to reach a place of equality, we must first recognize and acknowledge our differences.


A video highlighting the value of individuality and fostering an appreciation of diversity.


People experience the world in different ways, viewing each situation from their own unique vantage points. Gaining exposure to those who are different widens our worldview and enables us to empathize with those around us.


  • Dim the lights and ask the participant(s) to take five mindful breaths.
  • Play the video below.
  • Once the video has concluded, engage the participant(s) in a discussion using the suggested conversation starters as a jumping off point.

Conversation Starters

  • How did the fence impact the relationship between the snail and the caterpillar?
  • Share a story of a time you faced a similar challenge.

Dive Deeper

  • Name a privilege you have in your life that you might take for granted?
  • What is a struggle you face that others might find surprising?

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